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Hi, I'm Sharon Mitchell, here's the #insta version of my life and how alcohol nearly killed me.

 * I grew up in a poor, single parent family in the capital city of Australia.

* Decided young that all my problems would be solved if I grew up and made money.

* Worked really hard and achieved said goal of making loads of money with husband who I had married young. 

* My life looked squeeky-clean on the outside.  In fact, it looked perfect.  Husband, healthy set of boy-girl twins, successful business, mansion on the hill.  Had "it all".

* However, on the inside I was on hot-mess.

* Drank to numb my feelings.  Drank so much that by August 2007, at the age of 38, I nearly died from my chronic alcohol abuse.

* In one blinding moment of clarity I realized I had to 'do life differently'.

* Have not picked up a drink since that day over 10 years ago.  I learned how to change my relationship with alcohol.

* I developed a system to not only help myself but help other people who wanted to stop drinking, or just drink less. 

* I now help thousands of women around the world to do just that. 

During my journey I discovered that of the 3.8 Million people who die every year around the world from their alcohol use, less than 10% of those people are alcoholics. 

According to the world health organisation over 90% of the people who's health is affected by their drinking are not alcoholics, they just normal people who need to change their relationship with alcohol so they can drink at a less risky level. 

And although there are actually TONS of services around the world for people who are alcoholics, there are very few services for anyone who just wants to drink less. 

Until this happened to me, I thought, like most people do, that the only people who struggled with their drinking were alcoholics, old homeless guys drinking from a bottle wrapped in a brown paper bag on the street. But that's not the case. 

Most people aren't alcoholics.  Most people don't want, or need, to quit alcohol completely for life.  

If you are a woman who struggles with your drinking, and you don't feel comfortable sitting in a group meeting with old homeless guys, and you don't particularly feel like labeling yourself an alcoholic, then I am here to help you.  

Jump in to my sisterhood of women who, like you, want to change their relationship with alcohol, and empower themselves to move forward on a journey of positive change. 

                                                                                              Sharon x