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Sharon's latest Blogs....
Written by Sharon Mitchell 26th September 2017
You know one of the many things I love about Vietnam?

The old ladies.

I know, I know. There are a ton of awesome things that I should be telling you about Vietnam like the beautiful scenery, the gentleness of the people, the food (I mean can you ever get enough Pho?), and of course ...
Written by Sharon Mitchell 20th September 2017
Following on from sharing my story with you last week, I am writing to you today, as promised, from Vietnam! 

I thought I'd write to you each week, sharing my stories as I go along!

I have a funny story for you about a mouse, a bathtub and Tom Cruise. But first I want to give you a bit of history about why I travel.

Growing up in Australia, we were always ....
Written by Sharon Mitchell 13th September 2017
When I left you yesterday I had shared with you that I knew, in the depths of my soul, that I could, and should, help other women around the world who are struggling with their drinking.

This was actually a big decision for me personally, and I needed to be sure I was ready for it, do you....
Written by Sharon Mitchell 12th September 2017
I was telling you yesterday that after having my life-changing epiphany, I knew what I had to do - I had to Feel My Freakin' Feelings.

That was the only way I was going to deal with the issues I had been avoiding and the feelings I had been numbing for my whole life. I knew if I didn't do this I would either drink again and die, I would....
Written by Sharon Mitchell 11th September 2017
When I left you yesterday I was lying on the bed in the emergency room after being told I was about to die, right?

After the goodbyes had been said to my family (I say that a lot more matter-a-factly than the actual event itself; my now adult children remember that day with a lot of pain of course), I was taken over to the alcohol detoxification unit in the hospital.

They put me right in a bed next to....
Written by Sharon Mitchell 10th September 2017
I start my story the day the doctor leaned over me, and said 'Sharon, you are an alcoholic, and you are going to die. Probably tonight'.

Both the things he said were a surprize to me, because even though I had been drinking heavily for my entire adult life, no one had ever called me an alcoholic before and hell, I was not keen on dying either.

However, as I looked up at the doctor, no words......